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This is the Communications and Emerging Technologies (CET) Studies microsite. It contains information and resources for students, faculty, staff and the ECI Community.

Content in this microsite is under constant update. Please consider visiting often to ensure you are informed with the latest and greatest!

💡 Please keep in mind that many applications and services, like Google Drive (the folders and documents comprising the Repository, the Library etc.), Docs, Calendar, Chat etc. require authentication with approved ECI accounts, primarily your @eci-org.eu or the one you joined the Parallel Program with.
Also note that some of the headers below expand when clicked on.

Academic Sources

Academic sources are a combination of shared Google Drive Folders and Documents containing material relevant to PGPs, courses and classes and other tools, at the discretion of the Instructors.
They are usually updated at a date near the actual class meeting, or right after it.

Please note: 

Study Material Repositories


These documents contain information like People, Courses, Classes Directories, Teams, Assignments, Deadlines and links to Course Outlines & Instructors' CVs.

This repository and the document collections below contain rules, PGS and suggested reading material, useful information, instructions and templates for your Thesis, Essays etc.

Procedures, IT Services (UWKonline etc), Navigation

ECI basics

ECI & UWK Payment Procedures for ECI Students

UWK, Pre-Registration & Application Procedures for ECI Students

✍ Online Pre-registration 🆕

✍ Online Application 🆕
After you have pre-registered (above), continue with your application:

If you lack any of the tertiary education documentation, make sure to also submit 'Evidence of general qualification for university entrance' (above), 'Evidence of work experience' and 'Evidence of training and further education times' (below)

IT Services (for UWK-registered students)

Please note that UWK registration is different than registration to ECI. All PGP students are eligible to register to UWK after having payed off their full tuition.

Access maps to Campuses

Participate in our Initiatives!

Use these forms to request information and/or take part in specific ECI initiatives like the "Parallel Program", our Labs etc.

Schedule an in-person visit at our help centre
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Classes and Calendars

Here you can find dates of classes and other activities: 

A bird's eye view over the distribution of modules and classes over  the next three academic years.
It includes information on examinations, thesis deadlines, weeks in Krems - DUK, public holidays etc. It facilitates mid and long term planning, travel and more for ECI community members.

💡 For easiest access, you can integrate the Academic Calendar to compatible electronic agendas / organizers (smartphone, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.).

Upcoming Events, Holidays and Suggestions 

Google Chat Spaces

Chat Spaces: CET2023 | CET2022 | CET2021; do join (with your @eci-org.eu account or the one you joined the Parallel Program with) to stay updated on important notifications about 2021 classes and more (also let us know how you're doing and what you're up to)!